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For over 35 years Cinar Furniture has remained committed to providing the highest-quality Furnishing Solutions. Our Design Specialists have an immense amount of experience working with group living environments. If you need a bit of inspiration, browse our customers’ installation photos below and check out our furniture in real-life applications. All items are in part our life.


Cinar Furniture combines both western and eastern styles and qualities to match both markets.  Since 1986, Cinar has defined itself as modular furniture and Mattress which pays much attention to the aesthetics, quality and prices, of its products. Along the way, Cinar has been able to take on various projects with a variety of locations, designs, and time limits. 


Our mission is to deliver comprehensive furniture solutions while achieving excellence in work ergonomics and comfort. We strive to align our client's requirements with our passion for aesthetics and quality. We are dynamically spreading out global reach driven by a development strategy for foreign markets and adapting to suit the specific regions. This strategy includes unparalleled product customization to meet the client’s expectations.

We offer a wide range of specialized services to hotel owners, operators, developers and investors. For us, each project is a process, one in which we work together with our clients to design, deliver and install the perfect solution for any hotel, anywhere in the world.

We provide you with professional project management and can support projects at every stage. We are able to run bespoke projects and optimise our customer costs by smart planning as well as taking a holistic approach to each project.


We are involved in providing a vast range of Furniture Design and Execution Service to our customers. Our skilled interior designers work in each imaginable style and bring the best furniture selections home for the customers. All these projects are completed within the committed time period so as to attain maximum customer satisfaction. The offered services are widely appreciated across the country.